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Are the business professionals you know empowered to live the winners life?
...They should be
Winners Win is an excellent resource for Business Professionals

Are the business professionals at your company feeling inspired and motivated, ready to start each day with powerful insights? Are they driving change and influencing the business toward success?


Or have you noticed that some team members, leads, managers, or even the CEO are starting to just drift along. Are their personal goals and dreams sitting on the back shelf of their minds just waiting for motivation to jump start their inner drive?


Even the most influential of us at times need inspiration to take the next steps toward achieving our personal and professional goals.


Share this message with your business professionals:

There's a Winner in you. You were purposefully created to do something specific and bigger than you. By unlocking the potential within, you can live the life of your dreams.


Help them to feel even more support. The company will benefit from the renewed drive and sense of purpose each person will inevitably feel.


​The book, Winners Win, teaches people how to tap into their God-given purpose and enjoy the life they were created to live. The book has touched many people since it was released in March 2020.






- Dez Bryant, USA Track and Field Gold Medalist


'Winners Win is a must-read. It tackles so many topics that are essential to progressing your life in every area. Shifting your mentality and perspective is life-changing. If you want to win in life, I recommend this book to anyone."

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About Taneka--

She could only hold the basketball with both hands. She was 3 years old. That's when Taneka started dribbling the ball in her family's military home. At age 7, she played her first organized basketball game with the city league. By middle school she started telling everyone who would listen that she would play basketball overseas.

A young lady with high intelligence and a knack for making people laugh. She skipped traditional first grade and attended multi-age classes 2 years in a row. With her abilities, she was bound to be a great scholar.

Except playing basketball was her 1st and only real love.

She played every chance she got...City League, Middle School, High School, and AAU club ball. During the season, off-season, and during the summers, Taneka could be found on a basketball court. She had a one-track mind.

In the book, Winners Win, Taneka uses her unique gift of story-telling to share lessons from her life’s experiences. She reveals timeless wisdom as she walks the reader through the adversity she faced on her journey to becoming a professional athlete.

…a professional basketball player overseas, an author, and a youth mentor…

Taneka always knew what she wanted in life -- to be a professional basketball player overseas. Yet, she acknowledges that throughout her life she didn't always make the best decisions. Some of those decisions nearly cost her the dreams she worked so hard to accomplish.

In Winners Win, she shares some of the most significant experiences of her transformation from a troubled childhood to becoming a professional athlete. 

Her story is one with which many professionals can relate. The struggles of starting and stopping, unexpected life situations, and personal choices. The ability to persevere can be found deep within.


Taneka's life is a story of redemption and triumph. But, most importantly, it’s a testimony of what can happen with a life submitted to Christ.

Like many people, Taneka's life has been filled with twists, turns, and moments of uncertainty. Those situations could have destroyed her future. Taneka wants every business professional and entrepreneur to know that just as it happened for her, they too are capable of unleashing the Life Winner within.

Benefits to the Business Pro:


For business professionals, the book Winners Win: Unlocking The Potential To Live Your God-Given Dreams, will be the personal guide in their hands to propel them to be the best version of themselves.

  • Every person will experience a life changing shift of perspective.

  • Anyone willing to do the work will have an opportunity for honest self-evaluation to gain more out of life.

  • The material has a level of simplicity that is easy to implement.

  • This information will elevate a person's knowledge level and enforce clarity of purpose.

  • Each person will ultimately experience greater passion, renewed focus, and determination to win.


The effects of Winners Win begin from reading the first chapter. The business professional is encouraged to truly evaluate the greatness within. The person willing to dig deep will quickly realize that their dreams can indeed become reality. These are principles everyone can work through to immediately shift their business and/or professional career.


They will discover:

  • The courage to conquer fear so it does not conquer them.

  • That they can bounce back from anything. There are levels and depths to their story.

  • There's a winner within and will evaluate who they are as individuals.

  • They can use their words to communicate and create the life they want.

  • There's an ultimate turning point for their lives. When they hit that point, their lives will never be the same.

  • It's not where they start, it's where they finish. They can abandon their old self to become a Life Winner.

  • And ultimately, they will be encouraged to wake up and realize they have greatness within.

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What Business Professionals are saying!!

5 out of 5 stars Tap into your creativity; the world needs you to do so!!!! "Buy the book, read the book and propel the winner within!!!!! The author’s transparency and authenticity provides you a safe place to be REAL with self. My niece has inspired me to unlock my God-Given creativity and win!!!! I’ve come to the realization the world needs me to do so therefore I will no longer shelter my gifts! I have work to do and feel incredibly empowered to do so.

- Louise A. Ward Smith

Vice President and Regional Banking District Manager, Wells Fargo


“Winners Win” is a MUST read for the youth of today. …Even as an entrepreneur and physician who needed to overcome poverty, difficulties, and defeat. The principles of faith, hope, and conquering fears found in this book is truth from the Father’s heart. Super recommended!... And I have bought 10 additional books to give to our young leaders at church.”

- Ish Beloso

Founder at Revolution Cry Health & Hospice Physician

Tammie Hill w Winners Win Book.jpg

What are you exposing your mind to? Well, I just finished reading Winners Win by Taneka Rubin. And a giant was unleashed in me!! This is a must read!! Taneka writes, "If you can accomplish it in your own power, it's not big enough"! God wants us to accomplish God-sized dreams. Ms. Taneka encourages us to tap into that by adding our faith and blending it with what God has already put inside of us. Order your copy today.

- Tammie Hill

Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant

P.S. The burden Taneka has to empower people with this valuable resource will enhance the knowledge of every business professional and the organization for which they work. Give every one of your business professionals this resource and witness the development of disciplines needed to live as Life Winners.


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