Taneka Rubin, Life Winner--

…a professional basketball player overseas, an author, and a youth mentor--a Life Winner...

She graduated from Florida A&M in 2015 with her Bachelor of Business Administration degree. Without delay, Taneka obtained her Master of International Business degree from the University of East London (UEL) in 2017.


As a student athlete, Taneka was able to take advantage of scholarships to fund each of her degrees, including London. That UEL degree further fueled her desire to play basketball internationally. Taneka was exposed to the lifestyle while at UEL.

Since winter of 2018, Taneka has played professionally in Portugal, then Spain. In the fall of 2020, she started her 3rd season in Portugal, all by the age of 27.

Like many people, Taneka's life has been filled with twists, turns, and moments of uncertainty. From a torn ACL, less than stellar decisions, and the time needed to mature; those situations could have destroyed her future. But just as it happened for her, Taneka shares that you too are capable of unleashing the Life Winner within.

Taneka Rubin basketball player

More about Taneka--

She always knew what she wanted in life -- to be a professional basketball player overseas. Yet, she acknowledges that throughout her life she didn't always make the best decisions. Some of those decisions nearly cost her the dreams she'd worked so hard to accomplish.

In her book, Winners Win, she shares some of the most significant experiences of her transformation from a troubled childhood to becoming a professional athlete.


Her life is a story of redemption and triumph, but most importantly, it’s a testimony of what can happen with a life submitted to Christ.

Her life as a mentor--

When not playing basketball, Taneka enjoys using wisdom from her life's experiences to inspire and empower the next generation. She works with youth in various capacities, as a trainer and youth mentor.


In previous years, she's worked as

  • an assistant basketball coach to a girls' varsity team

  • a coach for the girls' basketball team at a summer camp

  • a head coach for a high school girls' JV team

  • a personal trainer to adults and youth for weight loss

  • a personal basketball trainer to youth

  • youth leader at her church for ages 12-19 years old

Young people relate to others who have walked in their shoes. It helps them to know that professionals experience some of the same types of life situations they are facing today. The professional who acknowledges she has overcome much, is one willing to reach back and bring others along toward their destiny as a winner.

Taneka holding book.jpg
Her life as an author--

Taneka's book, Winners Win, is one that inspires, encourages, and equips the reader with knowledge and encouragement to move forward.

Individuals of all ages and stages of life have read the book. Professional business Vice Presidents, Chief Executive Officers, Entrepreneurs, Managers and those in between have read the book and found motivation to move to next levels of life. Read testimonials about the impact of Winners Win upon the lives of many.

Taneka started the Youth Sponsorship program with the goal to get this life-changing book to as many youth as possible--FREE of charge!!


This program will empower young people who may not have the ability or opportunity to purchase Taneka's book.

Click the links to check out Winners Win: Unlocking the Potential to Live Your God-Given Dreams and the Youth Sponsorship Program. You may decide to become a sponsor.

Taneka shares her story and Life Winner insights to all. Podcasts, Instagram takeovers, videos, interviews, and other forms of engagement has given Taneka a platform to share. Check these out just by visiting her portfolio.

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