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You have been given a dream that has been whispering to you since the day you were born. When will you decide to live it?

There is limitless potential within you, but do you know how to unlock it to live the life God intended for you? No more fear. No more self-doubt. There is a winner in you! Taneka uses her unique gift of story-telling to share lessons from her life’s experiences. She reveals timeless wisdom as she walks you through the adversity she faced on her journey to becoming a professional athlete.

This book teaches you how to:

  • Free yourself from past mistakes

  • Get rid of fear and experience the power of faith

  • Discover your true purpose

  • Develop winning characteristics that will change your life


Dez Bryant, USA Track and Field Gold Medalist

'Winners Win is a must-read. It tackles so many topics that are essential to progressing your life in every area. Shifting your mentality and perspective is life-changing. If you want to win in life, I recommend this book to anyone."

Corey Jenkins, Founder of Iconic Physique

"A blend of Taneka's personal experiences and principles of the Bible made this book brilliant. I was glued to the page from her honesty and wisdom. I recommend this book to anyone who wants more out of life."

Trish Perez, UF Women's Basketball Alumni & Behavioral Coach

"Winners Win is a must read. The knowledge in this book is simplified, and goes hand-in-hand with anyone who has aspirations of being the best version of themselves.It's the mentor we all need.

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