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The Best Advice I've Ever Received

Have you ever received life-changing advice?

I mean real, paradigm-shifting advice that changes the way you live your entire life. Well I have, and I’m about to share that story with you. 

During my two seasons at Florida A&M University, I had a coach named Coach Rashad. He was the coach that recruited me from Glendale Community College, and he was the coach that pushed me the hardest. There were some people who thought that he pushed me a little too hard, but I was raised in a military household so I knew the benefits of a good challenge.

One summer Coach Rashad and I spent almost everyday working on my game. Rep after rep, he pushed me to my limits. 

I don’t remember very many of our conversations that summer, but there is one phrase I remember crystal clear: 

“Talk to yourself, Red. Don’t listen to yourself!”

He would repeat that several times each workout until it became ingrained in my psyche. 

Talk to yourself, don’t listen to yourself.

Why was his advice so groundbreaking?

Here’s the truth. Life is hard. Working towards success is hard. Mastering a skill is even harder. When adversity hits, the little voice inside us whispers, “Give up. It isn’t worth it.” 

When you listen to yourself you hear how hard it is. The voice inside wants you to quit, but when you start talking to yourself you can change the game.

You can speak positivity into your situation when you make the decision to talk to yourself.

Those words of life will convince you to keep pushing through the tough times. 

How many times have you allowed your inner voice to steer you wrong? 

I’ve allowed it far too many times, until I started to take Coach Rashad’s advice seriously. It has carried me a long way. 

If you are working on your craft. Talk to yourself. If you are struggling to make a deadline. Talk to yourself. If you are feeling discouraged about anything. Talk to yourself. 

Don’t just take my word for it, try it yourself! Trust me, you will be amazed at the amount of power you possess. 

Be encouraging and relentless always, and remember…

Talk to Yourself. Don’t Listen To Yourself!!!

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Taneka Rubin
Taneka Rubin
Oct 04, 2019

@yvetteward That’s so true! God’s voice should always be the loudest voice we hear. It makes all the difference. I’m excited about your future!


Yvette Ward
Yvette Ward
Sep 28, 2019

Talk to Yourself. Don't Listen To Yourself!!! I'm totally excited about this concept. It's powerful and true. It's funny, I've recently had someone tell me to make the other voices around me quiet. My voice should be louder than others. Of course we know GOD's voice is THE Loudest, but other people should not have so much control over our lives. My focus is on my new goals, dreams, and visions AND they are HUGE!!!!!!

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