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Our Favorite Quotes from the book, Winners Win

Eric Thomas may have coined the phrase, "Winners Win and Losers Lose." But Professional Athlete, Taneka Rubin, wrote the book, Winners Win Unlocking the Potential to Live Your God-Given Dreams.

Today, I decided to share a few of my favorite quotes from Winners Win. You get to read my initial thoughts as the Editor of the book.

Regret is the heritage of people who choose to live a fear-driven life. I think this was one of the first in the book that struck a chord with me. It was 2019 when I edited the book in preparation for its early 2020 release. I realized that I did not want regret to be my heritage. A fear-driven life is not a very inspired one. At that point, I made the choice not to live in fear.

You need no access to your former self during your journey. OH, this one was tough. 2019 was the year of my divorce. I had some serious work to do. Changing my expectations of how I thought life was supposed to be, was no easy feat. For the most part, I've done that work. But honestly, there's still residue to be dealt with every now and again. Now I do the work quickly and keep moving forward.

Faith is the ultimate driving force for Life Winners. Faith, faith, faith! We know the scripture, walk by faith, and not by sight. Well, it really is true that our faith in God does give us the drive we need. Massive action, as well as waiting, are possible when we exercise faith.

Favorite Quotes from Winners Win Readers

I'm not the only person to write about my favorite quotes from Winners Win. The impact

of the book has been significant, to say the least.

From participants in the #WinnersWinQuoteChallenge

Larry Ward II, "Authentic Faith is Not simply believing in God, it's BELIEVING God."

Cynthia Ward Sutton shared 2 of her favorites.



Book Review Female Athletes Rock wrote a book review on Winners Win. Here are a few of their favorite quotes included in the book review:

“If you can accomplish it in your own power, It isn’t big enough.” Pg. 21 “God-sized dreams alert us that our purpose is much bigger than us.” Pg. 21 “Faith is the ultimate driving force for life winners.” Pg. 44 “Your ambition has to be guided by an overall purpose, or it will be mismanaged.” Pg. 50 “Your pain maybe someone else’s fault, but it is your responsibility to heal.” Pg. 58 “Success follows the person that does the hard thing.” Pg. 79

I see Female Athletes Rock and I understand the value of the quote "Faith is the ultimate driving force for life winners." Do you get the impact your faith has on your ability to win in life?


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It's not too late. You can participate in the #WinnersWinQuoteChallenge. Simply click the link and post your favorite quote. Use the hashtag WinnersWinQuoteChallenge with your quote.

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